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Author and screenwriter Michael Okon is set to re-release his YA Paranormal bestseller, Monsterland, on 10/15/17.

Monsterland's exciting plot continues to be an ongoing hit with teens and adults and it's no wonder. Set in a futuristic amusement park, the Monsterland theme park is filled to the brim with an assortment of terrifying beings - werewolves, zombies and vampires - as well as some highly likable human characters - high school jocks, geeks and monster fans. It all comes together for one exciting read in Monsterland.

Michael is thrilled to be rebooting Monsterland with his new publisher and he's available for guest post gigs and author interview slots. If you're a book blogger, looking for quality, original content written just for you and your blog let us know by submitting the form below. We'd love to have you help us spread the word!

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