Here are just some of the wonderful things My Book Tour clients have to say about their tour experiences...

Anita Dickason, author of "Sentinels of the Night" says:

"The results from Susan's blog tour for my book, Sentinels of the Night, exceeded my expectations. If you want increase traffic to a website, add social media followers, and sell a few books along the way, her tour should be first on your list. And, Susan made the process easy and fun. What a great experience, one that I plan to repeat with my next book."

"During the week the promotion ran, I added over 100 new followers on Twitter. I also added followers on google plus, which was a first and a few on Facebook. The giveaway winner is actually a follower on Twitter. Gotta love it. I would also be very remiss not to mention the personal interaction. It was a delight to work with Susan."

She also says, "I loved the blog hosts. That in itself would make a great topic for an article. The variety of designs and the presentation of the posts was awesome on some of the sites."

Carole P. Roman, author of the "If You Were Me and Lived In..." educational children's book series says this about her Author Tour:

"It was easy and fun! Any time I can get my books out to the public is a good thing. Susan Barton was a wonderful help with the book tour service. She made it fun and simple in order to get my books names seen and heard." 

She also says, "The giveaway was successful! It's a great way to add promotion to my books!"


                                 Valerie Pierre-Cadet, of Socialminded Media Group (Irene Weinberg's marketing consultant), 

"I liked that the client is able to get exposure on many different sites and while it sounds complicated it's done seamlessly through you."

She goes on to say, "I had a great experience using your site to host my online book tour. I liked how efficient and timely everything was planned, especially with how many websites are involved with the tour. Susan was a total pleasure to work with and I look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future."

Robert Germaux, author of  One by One, Hard Court, Grammar Sex and Other Stuff and The Backup Husband says...

"I've used Susan Barton's virtual book tour services several times now, and each time has been a wonderful experience. Most recently, when she did the tour for "Grammar Sex (and other stuff)," my FB numbers during the week of the tour were incredible, with several categories seeing increases of well over one-thousand-percent! I awoke every morning that week to find dozens of alerts about people who'd seen/commented on the tour."

"I will be using Susan's services again in the near future. Oh, and she's just a really nice person, too, always going out of her way to do lots of little extra things for her clients."

Lee Ann Mancini, author of God's Easter Miracles says...

"I was looking to work with a great person for my first virtual book tour. After contacting Susan, I knew I found the perfect person to work with for my first tour."

"The continued communication let us know each step that was going on. Susan was wonderful! I found her services to be an excellent tool in promoting my books!"
Kathleen M. Jacobs, author of Honeysuckle Holiday, says...

"Susan Barton's accessibility and her excellent communication skills made for a successful book tour. The bloggers she chose also did a great job promoting Honeysuckle Holiday.

I was completely satisfied with the tour. One of the best aspects of Honeysuckle Holiday's virtual book tour with Susan Barton was her accessibility and her great communication skills. She's committed to the project, and engages a on a day-to-day basis."

Rebecca Hubbard, author of The Gift, had this to say about Susan Barton and her My Book Tour marketing services:

"It was a joy to work with Susan. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She communicates well, and was very timely in her responses to any questions I had. I highly recommend her services!"

Ksenia Rychtycka, author of Crossing the Border, had this to say about Susan Barton and My Book Tour:

"I had a wonderful experience working with Susan Barton through her website. My publisher, Jan-Carol Publishing, recently set up a virtual blog tour and Susan worked tirelessly to help promote my book on various social media platforms. 

She maintained constant communication and spotlighted my book very effectively, coordinated with other bloggers and tremendously increased my exposure through her networking efforts. 

She is very knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic! It was a pleasure to work with Susan and I highly recommend her services to all authors."

Stacy Harshman, author of Crowning Glory, had this to say about the My Book Tour services:

"Susan is wonderful to work with. She is an excellent communicator and is pro-active. Her Press Release was spot on and her review of my book was thoughtful, thorough and very much appreciated."

"I liked that she had extensive marketing experience and was an author herself."

Vicki Morris, author of InspiredWork and Happy Habits, says:

"Susan cares about authors and helping them launch their books. Her services are very affordable, and she was able to get Spotlights and Book Reviews for me. I highly recommend Susan for virtual book tours. She puts together a great outreach and really helps authors - even first time authors - get spotlights and reviews."

Michael Phillip Cash, author of the A Haunting on Long Island Series, Monsterland, Monsterland ReanimatedWitches Protection Program, Battle For Darracia, Pokergeist and The After House says:

Susan Barton is a professional with a wide range of readers. I did notice a spike in the sale of my books. Mr. Cash also calls Susan Barton, “Prompt, professional, and courteous. When asked what he liked most about the My Book Tour virtual book tour services, Michael said, “It made my books visible to new audiences.”

Doug Howery, author of The Grass Sweeper God, says:

He experienced “a nice, smooth ride on Susan's book tour bus.” Mr. Howery goes on to say Susan isvery personable & offered a good service at a good price. And, (she) held to the bargain; great job. It was nice to see the results on the internet. Susan greatly helped me to get publicity that I did not have before. I look forward to working with her again in any capacity!

Robert Germaux, author of TheBackup Husband and Small Talk, says about Susan Barton:

Obviously, my relationship with Susan over a period of several months demonstrated that she's clearly the person I needed to help me get the word out about my books.” 

When addressing what he liked best about working with Susan Barton and My Book Tour, Mr. Germaux said, “The attention to detail on her part, and the fact that she came up with ideas that I hadn't even considered (like the "Small Talk" book trailer, which was wonderful).

Robert Germaux goes on to add, “I can't say enough about Susan. Once you've made the very wise decision to use her services, you get someone who gives you her complete attention. She is always thinking of new ways to get the word out about your book. One example: Susan did a book tour for "Small Talk," my serial-killer novel, and she surprised me with a video trailer for the book, which was wonderful. I received many favorable comments about that trailer. I've used Susan's book tour services for both of my books, and each time, I've seen a bump in sales. A final word: I know, of course, that Susan works with a number of authors, but in all my interactions with her, I always have the feeling that her only concern at those times is how she can help me sell my books. I think of Susan much more as a friend, one that I am very lucky to have on my side.

Tammy Robinson Smith of Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. and publisher of Blake Gardner's new book, Inhuman Emergence: Innocence says:

"The excellent customer service and quick turnaround response time to ALL questions. It was amazing!" 

Tammy adds, "We are quite pleased with the services provided by My Book Tour and would definitely consider using them again. Absolutely some of best customer service we have ever received with moment by moment support and the quickest answer turnaround time we have ever experienced. Thanks, My Book Tour for an excellent experience. We'll be back!"

Dan Kolbet, author of "Better Not Love Me" and other romance novels says he chose My Book Tour after reading some book reviews written by Susan Barton.

"I enjoyed your previous reviews of my work and how you outlined the process clearly on your site," says Dan. During his tour, Dan said that he appreciated, "the visibility on multiple blogs and sites." Dan also said he wouldn't hesitate to use the My Book Tour services again.

Ben Burgess Jr., author of "Love and Happiness" and several other novels, states that he found Susan and My Book Tour via LinkedIn.

He says, "My book tour was very organized, and professional. Susan did a great job!" Ben also says he found the tour service to be "very affordable" and is pleased with the appearance of the My Book Tour website.

Helen Hipp, author of Rosie and Friends Positively Different, says, "I appreciated the expertise and knowledge of my marketing needs. My tour was organized and the presentation was professional."

Helen says that her tour was affordable and that "you get more than what you pay for."

Gabriel Wright, author of Cry for the Mercenary says he chose My Book Tour because of its "reputation and affordable cost."

Gabe says, "Susan's book tour was very eye-opening for me in terms of what it takes for an indie author to promote their book. Great service!" Gabe also reported a noticeable spike in book downloads during his tour.

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