**Updated 8/1/17**

*Please be sure to read this entire page prior to signing up as an author or events hosts. Thanks!

Author Policies and Info:

  • The event process MUST commence at least eight weeks prior to your desired start date. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your event. 
  • Authors must be prepared to provide ten unique and original pieces of event content for hosts to share during their stops. Content can be a variety of original posts - brief interviews, book excerpts, short guest posts, brief articles, etc. Rest assured, authors will not be required to write ten long and tedious guest posts for one book event!
  • As always, hosts will choose the type of content they'd like to share. Hosts will submit unique topics and/or interview questions, which I will forward to authors. Authors must respond to these topic and question requests asap to ensure events remain on schedule. *We reserve the right to reschedule an event if we do not receive content on time from an author. All rescheduled events will incur a $50 fee. There are no exceptions to these requirements. 
  • Authors agree to provide all requested material in a timely manner (usually at least 8 weeks prior to tour commencement). It is extremely important that you respond to my requests for content as quickly as possible. *Content received past the specified deadline will result in a rescheduled event, which will incur a $50 rescheduling fee to be paid prior to event reschedule.
  • All events are promoted via our social media, reading groups and other online platforms. This reach does not include hosts & their followers, therefore your ultimate reader reach will be considerably higher. To further increase readership, you are highly encouraged to share your event posts via your own social media followers. 
  • As the author, in addition to promoting your event stops to your social media followers, you are encouraged to interact via host blogs by leaving comments. This is an excellent way to engage with readers. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you post the event on your own website. These things are important to the success of your event.
  • No changes can be made to event materials once they’ve been sent to our hosts. No exceptions. Therefore, it is imperative that you proof your content materials carefully and deliver everything to me long before content goes out to hosts.
  • As your event service provider, all host correspondence must go through me, Susan Barton.
  • Authors are encouraged to offer a giveaway during their events. Signed print copies of your book, eBook downloads and Amazon gift cards make excellent prizes for your giveaway. *Please note that you, as the author, are responsible for shipping any print copies of your book to winners. All giveaway prizes are the sole responsibility of the author. Winners' names and email addresses will be provided to the author at the end of the giveaway. The author is responsible for any and all winner contact from that point on. 
  • Authors understand that there is no guarantee of an immediate increase in book sales after a book event. However, you can be assured you will receive a great deal of book publicity and exposure.
  • Authors acknowledge and understand that, while our hosts are book bloggers, some sites may be general book blogs and not necessarily specific to your particular genre. We do, however, take considerable time researching blogs most suitable for you and your book.
  • It is suggested that you offer free eBook copies of your book to hosts. Hosts are encouraged to review books, but aren't required to do so. We do not guarantee a specified number of book reviews during an event. 
  • A book review by Susan Barton is NOT included in the cost of an event. If you are interested in having your book reviewed by Susan Barton we can discuss this option. 
  • All payments are via PayPal ONLY. Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase. We do not offer a payment schedule plan.
  • Your book event payment is considered final and is an acknowledgement of our binding contract. Once payment has been received, the event process will commence.  No refunds will be issued. No exceptions. 
  • Please DO NOT book an event until you are certain of your release date and your book cover is finalized. Once your event process has begun, if for some unavoidable reason you need to reschedule your tour date, you will be charged a service fee ($50), which must be paid before rescheduling commences.
  • All events are Monday through Friday. 
Regarding book reviews during an event:

  • If you decide to offer free copies of your book in exchange for reviews you must be willing to accept all reviews. Amazon makes it very clear that no one can specifically request a positive review in exchange for complimentary products of any kind. Requesting only positive reviews goes against Amazon's terms of service and can potentially result in removal from the Amazon website. No legitimate event provider or book blogger should be willing to compromise their reputation as a reliable, honest reviewer on anyone's behalf. Engaging in review manipulation is bad business for everyone. *Hosts are always encouraged to disclose any book concerns prior to posting reviews. 
  • The primary focus of an Online Book Event is to gain exposure for your book. Book events are a lot of work - particularly our events, which contain only all-original content. When you hire a book marketer, you are paying for the time it takes to prepare, schedule, monitor and share your marketing event. You are not paying for book reviews, so please keep this in mind. 
  • We offer our hosts the opportunity to read every book provided to us by authors. However, hosts are not required to read and review books during events. This is no reflection on us and does not devalue our services in any way. 
*Prices listed on this website are for authors only. If you are a marketer and you would like a price quote on our events or other services please submit a contact form in the sidebar. 


Event Host Policies:

I'm proud of the Online Book Events hosts! Hosts are a huge part of any successful book event and I appreciate all their hard work and dedication. Below are a few things to remember when participating in our events:

  • Please do not sign up for an event unless you are certain you'll be able to follow through with your post. Sign up only for the events you're truly interested in hosting. No-shows/no-posts are disappointing and a bad reflection on us all. If you miss two stops you will be deleted from the host list.
  • When event announcements go out to hosts, as usual, you will have the opportunity to choose how you'd like to participate (i.e. Guest Post, Author Interview, Character Interview, Book Excerpt). You will now have the opportunity to request a specific guest post topic and/or up to six unique interview questions. Your topics and questions will then be forwarded to the author by me. The author is advised to complete your requests in a timely manner, so as to get your content to you in plenty of time for pre-scheduling on your blog or website. 
  • Participating hosts will ALWAYS receive event content four weeks prior to their event stop date so there is plenty of time to prepare event content. Once you sign up for an event, I will confirm your stop via email. I will then email you your requested topic just as soon as I receive it from the author, but it will be well within the four week timeframe. *If you sign up for an event and do not hear from me within a week please let me know. Email can sometimes be unreliable and I don't want to risk having you miss your event date because of an email glitch. 
  • If you need to change your host date please let me know as soon as possible. I understand things come up and it might interfere with your schedule. There's always a solution and we can work on this together. 
  • *Important: Regarding Event Materials: You will receive all- original, unique content to publish on your blog or website. You will also receive a completely unique and original event photo/graphic to include with your event content. Please remember to include this somewhere within the body of your post.
  • Posting event content on your scheduled date as early in the day as possible is important. I share direct links on the main events page to everyone's tour post, so it's important that these lead directly to host content. I know of no platform that doesn't have the option of scheduling posts in advance. Using the scheduling option ensures posts will be posted on times, as promised. 
  • If I notice that your post isn't live on your scheduled date I will send you an email reminder. 
  • Please remember to share your event post via your social media followers. 
  • *Important: Regarding Book Reviews: If you sign up for a Book Review stop during an event and you feel you cannot give the book a 5 star or 4 star review, please contact me asap to discuss other event stop options. 


  • After participating in 20 consecutive tours, hosts will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.
  • Every now and then, I will raffle off a book swag prize package to one participating host. Look for the first swag giveaway soon!

*Swag will include:

Art Prints

I understand that there is a certain amount of work involved to participating in book events. This is why I've made recent changes in how we conduct book and author events. No more copy & paste, spammy, typical book tours for us! We will be building mutually beneficial partnerships in order to share information about books and authors with our readers, with original and unique content we can all be proud to share on our blogs and websites.

I appreciate each one of you, and all of the work that you do to help me promote books and authors. I truly hope that you’ll participate as often as you possibly can. I promise to make it worth your while! Thank you!

Susan Barton

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