Are you struggling to write the perfect words and need some help? Whether you need ghostwriting services for an entire book, an article or an author guest post, I can help!

Ghostwriting Defined

Ghostwriters write the copy, you get the credit as the author. Pretty simple! Copywriters who write website copy, ad copy and similar content may or may not receive recognition for their efforts. With books, articles and other types of digital content things are often different. A byline is usually given to the content writer.

Who Needs a Ghostwriter?

There are many reasons for wanting to work with a ghostwriter. Some of these include:

Books: You have an idea for a fiction or non-fiction book, but you’re not confident in your writing abilities to complete a full manuscript.

Articles: You need some carefully researched articles, but you don’t have the time or the ability to complete the job.

Newsletters: You want to stay in touch with your newsletter subscribers, but you’re not sure what to say to keep them coming back for more.

Cover Letters: You really want that new job and you know you need to stand out with an impressive, informational cover letter to accompany your resume, but you need help writing one.

Guest Posts: You’ve been invited to share guest posts on networking websites or blogs, but you don’t have the time or expertise.

*These are just a few reasons why you might wish to work with a ghostwriter. We can chat in much greater detail about your individual writing needs.

Why Hire Me as Your Ghostwriter?

I’m a professional copywriter, with over three decades of experience to offer you. I’ve published seven books – three children’s books, one YA book and three non-fiction books. I'm a professional editor and proofreader. I’m the webmaster and copywriter for several popular websites and blogs. I regularly contribute articles, blog posts and other content to dozens of sites on the Web. I’m an excellent researcher, and my turnaround time is impeccable. Fees are always affordable too!

For more information on my ghostwriting services, please submit the form below to get started.

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