Monday, March 12, 2018

A Haunting On Long Island Ghostly Celebration and Author Interview with Michael Phillip Cash

Who says you have to wait until Halloween to enjoy a good ghost story? Not us! And, why just stop at one ghost story? How about FOUR AWESOME tales of spirits, hauntings and creepy happenings? That's what readers will get with Michael Phillip Cash's four book series A Haunting on Long Island. 

Michael Phillip Cash is an author who's taken a life-long love of all things creepy and scary and woven them into a series of ghostly novels. The series includes:

  • Stillwell
  • The After House
  • The Flip
  • Pokergeist

I asked Michael a few questions about his books and here's what he had to say...

Name your favorite television ghost and explain your choice.

Ghost Adventures. Those guys have guts and they take you in to the history of each location. A lot of my stories were inspired by their adventures. They’ve visited some incredibly haunted and scary locations over the years. I never miss an episode of Ghost Adventures!

What has been the most difficult thing about self-publishing your books?

You can’t expect to get rich – at least not right away. You’re not going to buy a yacht or a private plane on the royalties. You really have to love what you’re doing. Write to express yourself. Keeping this in mind can be tough when sales are in a slump, but once you breakthrough and begin making progress anything is possible.

What has been the best thing about self-publishing your books?

Thinking about buying a yacht or private plane one day. But seriously, having the opportunity to do something I really love doing – expressing myself through my writing – has been awesome. Connecting with my readers and followers is also incredibly gratifying.

What’s your best advice for other self-published authors?

Keep writing books. Then publicize the hell out of yourself. You are a brand. Make yourself well known and people will find your books. Use social media ad nauseum. These are the best ways I know of when it comes to be making it as a self-published author.

Michael Phillip Cash is the author of the four-book series A Haunting on Long Island. Readers can connect with Michael on his website and Facebook.



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