Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why Authors Need LinkedIn

When it comes to social media most people think of Facebook and Twitter, but have you paid much attention to your LinkedIn profile lately? Are you even using LinkedIn to promote yourself and your books? If not, there are plenty of reasons to get started!

Know Your Target Audience

You can effectively use LinkedIn by first identifying your potential readers. According to a recent Quantcast report:

  • There are ever so slightly more men than women using LinkedIn
  • Most LinkedIn users (61%) are in the 35 – 50+ age range
  • Thirty-three percent of LinkedIn users have graduate degrees (compared to the Internet average of twenty-one percent)
  • Forty-four percent of LinkedIn users have annual incomes above $75,000

In short, the report found that LinkedIn users are generally older, higher educated and more affluent than those on Facebook and Twitter. Statistics aside, LinkedIn has tons of social media appeal for anyone looking to promote and market – and this includes authors.

The Many Benefits of LinkedIn

The excellent thing about LinkedIn is its profile capabilities. A LinkedIn profile can be set up resume-style, with education, experience, skills, affiliations and much, much more. Links can easily be added to your profile and this includes website links. For authors, this means you can add a link to your author website, your Amazon Author Page and another social media platforms.

Writing an Excellent LinkedIn Profile and Bio

You’re a writer, so you should be able to write an informational, engaging and compelling author profile and bio. Be sure to mention your books in the “Publications” section and add a few organic keywords, but do it sparingly and naturally. Don’t forget to include a great author photo. Include book cover photos and trailer videos whenever and wherever possible. Play around with the sections until you have your information in the order that makes the most sense chronologically.

You’re Not Done with Your LinkedIn Profile Yet

Once you have your LinkedIn profile as near perfect as possible, don’t stop there. Join a few of LinkedIn’s groups and start contributing to discussions. Position yourself as an expert in your writing genre. Grow your connections (without spamming members) and post articles to your profile. Update details as necessary. As with all social media, it’s about Engagement Marketing, so be engaging!

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