Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Book Event Packages Available!

In an effort to keep things fresh, unique and original, we’ve restructured how we handle book and author events!

What’s New?

All events (book and author promotions) include all-original content for each host to share on his or her blog. This means we’ve omitted the typical book tour copy & paste, identical content so many readers have all come to expect, yet deeply dislike. Each of our events includes ten unique and original stops, all containing separate, original pieces of fresh book and author content.

Our authors are proud of their books and they have plenty to share about their writing. Why not give them the platform to chat about it with lots of personal, engaging guest posts, interviews, etc.?

Why the Change?

Our authors are unique individuals. Their books are unique pieces of work. We want ALL events to reflect this.

What Packages Are Available?

We offer a Standard Book Event Package and a mega-marketing Author Event Package.

If you’re an author, looking for a new and improved way to market your books please contact us here. If you’re a book blogger, who’s tired of slapping up the same cookie cutter tour content to your blog or website, sign up here.

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