Monday, July 3, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why Book Bloggers Are Not Agreeing to Review Your Book

Most authors understand the importance of getting reviews for their books. Book reviews are gold to authors, but just how do you go about getting book bloggers to agree to read and review your book? Most of the time, it’s as simple as sending a polite email – polite being the key word. If you’re an author, who has sent countless book review request emails to countless book bloggers, but are receiving few to no responses it might be time to rethink your approach.

There are usually some very definite reasons why your review request emails are going unanswered. Here are my 5 top reasons why book bloggers are not agreeing to review your book:

1. Not Targeting the “Right” Book Bloggers

There are TONS of book bloggers on the internet. Just do a Google search and you’re likely find any number of book bloggers who specialize in a wide variety of book genres. Compiling your list of possible book reviewers means you’re going to have to do some work. For example, if your book is a romance and you send emails to book bloggers who only read science fiction, children’s books or dystopian, you’re wasting everyone’s time. This leads me to my next point…

2. Not Actually Reading a Book Blog and Review Submission Guidelines

Taking a few minutes to read through a book blog to get a feel for what the blogger enjoys reading will let you know whether your book is a good fit for their blog. While you’re on the blog site, you should also take the time to read the blogger’s submission guidelines. There’s nothing more irritating to a book blogger than an author who clearly has not read the site’s guidelines before submitting a review request. If submission guidelines clearly state that the blogger doesn’t review romance and your book is a romance…well then, you should already know how that would end.  

3. Not Treating an Email As You Would Any Other Professional Correspondence

As a book reviewer, I’ve received all sorts of book review requests. By far, the requests that address me personally (Susan or eBook Review Gal works for me) are the emails that get AND hold my attention long enough for me to have a look at the book. Dear Sir or Madam won’t fly, because if you’ve actually read through a blog you’d know whether the blogger was a Sir or Madam. This is why you shouldn’t send bulk email requests. Take the time to send individual, personalized emails to every book blogger on your list.

4. Not Including Links to Your Book

Book bloggers are busy people. Most do not blog full-time. Most have actual 9 – 5 jobs and they do this NOT as a way to make money, but because they simply love books. Please don’t make book bloggers hunt around the internet to find information on you and your book. It’s polite and courteous to always include clickable links in your emails.

5. Making Too Many Darn Stipulations

Oh, for Pete’s sake. I’ve received more emails from authors who start out by requesting a book review, but then go on to list several sites where they want their review posted, and sometimes even including how and when they’d like it posted. Really? I post my reviews on my website, on Amazon (U.S.) and on Goodreads. That’s it. I don’t have time to sign up any other Amazon sites based in other countries. I don’t have time to go to any number of other bookseller sites, register and then post every review. Be happy enough that you received a review at all. Don’t make demands and you’re much more likely to receive a review.  

Writing and authorship is a professional career, just like any other professional career. As such, it’s extremely important to be professional when reaching out to book bloggers to request book reviews. If you follow these simple steps you just might begin to see an increase in reviews of your book! 


  1. It is an amazing insightful article and a wake-up call for aspirating authors you provided, thank you for your emphasis on professionalism.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad you found the post helpful :)