Monday, July 10, 2017

How To Write a Brilliant Character Interview

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about why character interviews are so important to your book tour content. I received several emails after that post, asking for more information on how to actually write a character interview that I just knew I’d have to write a post about the subject. Here’s my method for writing a rockin’ character interview…

Character Bio

Begin by writing a bio for your character, to use as a jumping off point for your character interview. Since you know your characters so well (at least you had better), you should have no problem writing a one to three paragraph biography that includes physical and emotional traits.

You might already have much of this information listed in your book outline. Embellish and elaborate what you already have in your book outline by adding character quirks, interests, life goals, fears, etc. to build upon your character.

It’s perfectly fine (and encouraged) to add things that might not even be in your book. Your completed and polished character bio can even be included at the intro of your character interview.

Brainstorm Question Ideas

Here’s where you have the opportunity to reveal your character’s deeper self to your readers. For example, if your character interview is based on your antagonist, ask him/her why he/she did the awful things he/she did in your book.

You can also go completely outside of your book. Asking your character oddball questions like what their favorite meal is, greatest fear, most embarrassing moment, etc. is a wonderful technique for making your characters more real and appealing to your readers.

Work Out Answers

The wonderful thing about character interviews is that you, as the author, have the ability to manipulate how your character answers your questions. How great is that? Use your character’s answers to your advantage by delving more deeply into your book. Be so mysterious and compelling with your answers that potential readers will be excited to read your book.

If you’re looking for unique book tour content, character interviews should definitely be on your list. Practice the character interview process with several of your book’s characters. Don’t be surprised if you soon become hooked. It’s an excellent way to promote reader interest in your writing!

If you’re unsure about the character interviewing process, or you need assistance with a book tour please let me know by contacting me here. I’d love to help you!

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