Friday, June 30, 2017

Why You Should Include Character Interviews in Your Book Event Content

Including clever and engaging content in your book event portfolio is a must for authors. The more uniquely original content you can supply your participating hosts, the better. This gives your hosts plenty of material from which to choose. They might even love your supplied author guest posts and interviews so much that they’ll happily share more than one post on their blog. That’s even more exposure for you and your book!

However, you might be saying, “Ugh…I just never know what kinds of posts to write. I’ve written my book and now I have to write some more?” Yes, you have to write some more. If you’re a fiction author, character interviews should be at the top of your content list. Why?

Your Characters Can Promote Your Book for You

If done properly and effectively, a character interview can contribute a great deal of additional information about your book. Since you get to write the questions AND answers, it’s pretty darn simple to manipulate your characters to say anything you’d like them to. Asking a few tantalizing questions and answering them with insightful, engaging answers will get potential readers excited about your book.  

You Prove to Readers Just How Much You Know About Your Book

Who’s going to know more about your characters than you? No one, of course. Here’s where you get to unleash your characters in all their idiosyncratic, quirky, genuine goodness. You can say a lot about a character in one carefully crafted Q & A. This gives your readers an even closer glimpse at what makes your characters tick. An author who can easily play puppet master to their main or supporting character with the help of an interview knows their book like the proverbial back of their hand. Readers will appreciate you for this.

You Get the Chance to Include Some Fun, Interesting Facts About Your Characters

Character interviews don’t have to be all book-specific. Be imaginative with your questions and answers. Including some out-of-left-field questions make your characters come across as being actual living, breathing people. Asking your character about their favorite foods, hobbies, music, television shows, or their future goals or most embarrassing memory, can add plenty of additional traits to your characters that may not otherwise be included in your book.  

You Have the Opportunity to Create and Share Your Character’s Bio with Readers

Since your main goal with a virtual book event is to promote awareness of your book, your target audience will likely be book lovers who haven’t yet read your book. This is where a carefully written bio comes in handy. A bio sets the stage for your character interview. It lays the groundwork for your book AND your character interview. To do this, go back to your book outline to create a one or two paragraph bio, using all the character traits you used when beginning your book. If you didn’t use a formal outline, then create your character’s bio now – remember, you should know your characters inside and out at this point.

In my experience, readers love character interviews – and why not? They’re clever and insightful bits of additional information about your book. Give it a try. Character interviews just might become your new, most favorite promotional content!

If you’re interested in taking your book on the road, but want to leave the details to a professional, please let me know by submitting a contact form here. I’d love to help you market your book with a book event.

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