Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What Your Online Book Event Can and Can’t Do For You and Your Book

If you’re an author, you’re undoubtedly searching for new ways to market your book. Online Book Events are excellent tools for both newbie and established authors. However, having reasonable expectations prior to your event launch keeps everyone on track. The following are some key things to keep in mind before taking your book on the virtual road.

What is the Primary Purpose of a Virtual Book Event?

As with a traditional, in-person book tour, the main purpose of an online book event is to meet and greet your existing and potential readers. It’s your opportunity to schmooze, promote and sing the praises of your book. But, what’s so great about a virtual book event is you can do it from your living room while sitting in your PJs.

Engaging your readers in conversation about you, your writing and your book is easy peasy when you: 
  • Leave comments on participating blog posts
  • Comment and engage on social media posts
  • Be your usual awesome self

Wait…I Thought Online Book Promotions Were All About Getting Book Reviews?

Here’s where many authors misunderstand the primary purpose of a virtual book promotion. That’s because…

If you were on a traditional, in-person book tour, would you expect immediate book reviews?

Of course not. You’d probably sit at a table, pen in hand, and sign your book for readers. You’d chat about your book, and maybe even read an excerpt to a small gathering of fans, none of whom will sit down and immediately write a book review and post it on Amazon.

Sure, participating bloggers might have the opportunity to read your book ahead of time and perhaps leave a review, but… 
  • This rarely happens, since most book bloggers have HUGE TBR lists that go months into the future.
  • This is considered a “review in exchange for a free book”, which, although it does NOT go against Amazon’s current TOS, it does hold far less weight with potential readers. And…
  • Technically, these types of reviews are considered by Amazon to be editorial reviews, which do not get those coveted star ratings.

Trust me when I tell you that organic reviews are much more valuable to you as an author…and organic reviews are much more likely when more potential readers know about you and your book through your virtual promotional event.

So, What the Heck Can My Virtual Book Promotion Do For My Book and Me?

Promotion, promotion, promotion! Most promos have anywhere between ten and twenty participating book blog hosts. Each host publishes their post and then shares it with their own, unique social media followers. Therefore, conceivably, your book will be seen by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of potential readers who probably would not have happened to stumble upon your book by chance. That’s a HUGE organic market of potential buyers, readers and possible reviewers.


YOU have to get involved in your virtual promotion. Look at it this way – if you scheduled time to promote your book at your local bookstore you wouldn’t show up and just sit in a corner, reading a magazine while ignoring everyone who came to hear about your book, would you?

Treat your virtual book event as you would any other professional engagement by being just that…engaging. Don’t ignore your potential readers during a virtual book promo. Get social and it will definitely pay off in sales, fans and reviews.

If you're interested in a virtual book promo event please feel free to contact me to see how I can help market and promote your book! 

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