Thursday, June 1, 2017

Five Ways to Make Your Virtual Book Event a Success

Regardless of whether you decide to take your book on the virtual road alone, or you hire a professional book marketer to help you, there are several things you can do to be sure your event is a success. Here are our five top Online Book Event tips for authors:


1. Pre-planning is an essential first step to making sure your book promo is a success. There are plenty of ways to get the word out about your upcoming event. Some examples are:
  • Tweet and share the details with your followers
  • Promote your upcoming event on your author website
  • Schedule a book promotion (free or reduced price on Amazon, etc.) to run during your book event.
  • Think about hosting a giveaway during your promo, and choose appropriate and desirable prizes     


2. Engage with readers and book bloggers/hosts. Book bloggers are also book readers and readers are much more likely to go the extra step to read and review your book if they find you to be personable and approachable. You can do this by:
  • Leaving blog comments to thank bloggers for hosting a stop during your event
  • Reaching out privately and offering a free review copy of your book
  • Sharing blogger posts with your own followers         

3. Promote your online event on your own website, and via Tweets, shares, etc. Getting social during your book promo is a MUST. There is nothing worse than a silent author, who shows little interest in his or her own online book event. It’s critical for authors to show enthusiasm for their book event by being actively involved throughout the entire promotional process.


4. Thank individual bloggers for taking the time to host a stop during your event. Hosting promotional book event stops is work that deserves to be recognized by everyone – not just by your professional book marketer, but by authors too. Most bloggers include convenient contact forms on their sites. Even if you’ve already left a comment on each blog, going the extra step of messaging blog hosts leaves a favorable impression that just might encourage bloggers to review your book and help promote it again in the future.

5. Contact your professional book promo service provider to give feedback. Send an email, or be sure to respond to follow-up emails. Be honest about what you liked about your event and perhaps what you didn’t like. Professional providers will often go the extra mile by providing additional, FREE marketing services for authors who take the time to give honest feedback.

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