Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Online Book Events: The Partnership Between Authors and Book Marketers

If you’re an author, you’re probably searching for new and effective ways to market your book. Online Book Events are excellent marketing tools for gaining book exposure, since they’re a great way to reach out to potential readers who might not otherwise come across your book.

If you’ve decided to take your book on the road with a virtual promo event, but have quickly found out just how much work is involved, you might choose to work with a book marketer. After all, working with a professional means you can sit back, relax and let the marketer do all the work for you, right? Absolutely not.

Book promos are a partnership between an author and a book marketer. Each party has a list of responsibilities that must be met in order to ensure a successful book event. While it’s true that a service provider does all the prep work, scheduling and blog stop monitoring; authors also have certain responsibilities to fulfill during their online event. Authors who neglect their responsibilities during their event are doing themselves a definite disservice.

Be Timely

First and foremost, it’s critical that authors adhere to the timeline outlined for them by their marketing provider. Professional book promo service providers understand the importance of contacting prospective blog hosts well in advance of an upcoming event. Bloggers are busy people who often schedule their special events posts months in advance. Expecting a busy blogger to throw together a post just mere days before the start of an event is not only inconsiderate, it’s unrealistic.

Be Proactive

Brainstorming ideas for event content, with your provider, well in advance of a promo is essential. Unique and compelling materials are direct reflections on you as an author. Bloggers look for fresh, new content to share on their blogs. Providing lukewarm guest posts will promptly result in “thanks, but no thanks” responses from potential hosts. Book marketers know what types of content bloggers are looking for, so trust their judgment when they make suggestions.

Be Courteous

Building relationships with book bloggers is crucial for your success as an author. Your book marketing professional will stress the importance of tracking host stop posts, in order to comment, like and share. They know that authors who willingly interact with bloggers and readers before, during and after an event are actively building bridges that will result in greater interest for their books. So, remember to be present during your online event, by following posts, interacting with bloggers and engaging with potential readers.

It’s easy to have high expectations when paying for a service. We all want to be sure to “get our money’s worth”. However, understanding the responsibilities of both parties when entering into a book promo partnership with your marketing expert will ensure that your online event goes smoothly, professionally and advantageously for everyone.  

If you’re an author and would like more information on online book promos and how they can help you promote and market your book please let me know by submitting a form here. Happy touring!

~ Susan Barton, Book Marketer

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