Thursday, June 15, 2017

Online Book Event Hosting – What’s in it for book bloggers?

Savvy book bloggers know that frequently updated blog posts keep readers coming back for more. A great way to build blog followers and increase views is to add new blog content several times a week, but doing this can be difficult for many bloggers. Writing unique content takes time. That’s why Online Book Event hosting is so beneficial to book bloggers. All the post content is written for you. Need more reasons to become an event host? Consider these:

Online Book Event Hosting is Free Blog Marketing for You

Most book promo providers have large followings. When you team up with a book marketing professional, you're greatly increasing your audience. Professional service providers post each event stop, along with clickable blog links. This means everyone who follows a book event can simply click on your link to be taken to your blog, which means more blog views for you.

Event Hosts Often Receive Incentives

Many professional book event providers offer host incentives. Some incentives are event-specific; some are awarded after you’ve participated in a certain number of tours. Gift cards, free books, book swag, etc. are the standard host gifts.

Event Hosting Saves You from Writing New Content

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, book promo hosting saves book bloggers from having to brainstorm post ideas, and then write and edit them. Chances are you’re not a full-time book blogger. You probably also have a 9 – 5 job. You can still provide your readers with original and engaging content with unique guest posts, interviews, etc., all provided for you by authors. Scheduling posts ahead of time makes your life even easier. What could be easier and more beneficial to you and your readers than that?

Book Event Hosting is an Opportunity to Network

Online Book Events are excellent opportunities to connect with new and established authors. Authors often reach out to bloggers

Before Deciding to Sign Up to Host Events:

Before you decide to sign up to host events with a professional book marketer, carefully consider the following:

  • Does the marketer offer clickable blog links on the main events page? If you’re not receiving free exposure for your blog post, then pass. It’s not worth the effort if the provider doesn’t link to your blog and participating post. 
  • Do you really have the time to follow through on every event you sign up for? No-shows make everyone look bad. If you sign up for an event, you’d better make sure you follow through on the promise. You’ll quickly find yourself dropped from a host list if you prove to be unreliable. 
  • Do you know how to schedule posts to go live on a future date? I know of no blogging platform that does not have post-scheduling capabilities. Scheduling posts should take just a few minutes. When you schedule posts ahead of time, it's then guaranteed to go live on your scheduled participation day. No missed event dates make everyone happy. If you don’t know how to schedule a post, learn how before signing up to host events.

If you’re a book blogger who’s interested in hosting book events for me, please fill out the form here. I'd love to have you on the host team!

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