Friday, September 23, 2016

Nikolas Thime by Rix Roundtree Book Tour Spotlight and Author Guest Post

  • Paperback: 450 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 13, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1535443308
  • ISBN-13: 978-1535443302


Nikolas Thime: The End Of My World, is many genres including thriller and science fiction, but at its core it is a simple murder mystery. It’s the story of the murder of the Native American presidential candidate Henry “Hank” Ironhorse and Linda Wetzel, cosmetics company owner and President of the Daughters of the American Revolution, who is accused of his murder. 

Linda Wetzel’s arrest leads her to Nikolas Thime, the best criminal defense attorney in Washington DC. Proving his client Linda Wetzel innocent of the Hank Ironhorse murder becomes a very difficult task for Nick as his client harbors dark secrets. 

Nick Thime must navigate his client’s sea of secrets to expose the true killer of Hank Ironhorse, for if he doesn’t, not only will Linda Wetzel’s world come to an end, but quite possibly his as well, as his past present and future could be obliterated from the timeline.


A former member of the United States Coast Guard and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University Rix Roundtree has lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, New York City, Miami and San Francisco. 

A lover of the arts, ancestry and history Rix has worked as a Washington DC tour guide and a tour guide for the Historic Berkeley Plantation located in Charles City County Virginia. Rix worked for the prestigious history, patriotism, and preservation organization the Daughters of the American Revolution as a member of the DAR Museum staff. Rix was a member of the film crew for the 2011 blockbuster film Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon. 

In 2003 Rix began writing music reviews and a blog called “Life Is Music” for the entertainment website The Electrogarden Network. He became a published author in 2013 with the released of his non-fiction self-help book titled “The Older You Get, The Dumber You Get: Stories for my Daughters.”



"Rix Roundtree’s Writing Process"

When I’ve fleshed out my ideas in my notebook and have done all of the required research and have a starting point (which is not necessarily the beginning of the story), I begin writing. Now the book has its official title, "Nikolas Thime: The End Of My World."

I wake in the morning between 4 am and 5 am to begin my writing day at my desktop computer. At 10 am I’m at the public library with my laptop, simply because I want to get away from the house and all the distractions that can occur there during the day. I work at the library for about 3 hours. I’m back home by 2 pm and I’m finished writing for the day as I'm mentally exhausted and my mind can’t handle anymore writing. I do not write after 2 pm because I’ve learned that anything I write after that time is rubbish and I end up discarding it the following morning.

As I write I want to keep the story moving fast, yet I want detailed character development and clear written imagery of locations, settings and the character's appearances ages and attire.

I write in segments (not necessarily in order). After each of the segments are completed I then arrange them in the order in with they need to be placed for clear concise storytelling. I then break the segments into paragraphs. I stitch the paragraphs together with connecting sentences at the beginning and end of each of them. Then I separate these paragraphs into chapters.

There are several personal favorite “must haves” that will be included in the book; one of them is stories within stories (which is my specialty). Other must haves are the use of descriptive newspaper headlines from print, television and electronic (Internet news sites) media to help tell a particular story. I must have pop music lyrics to help with storytelling. For example, I use pop songs that mention in their lyrics "The end of the world." Another must have is a battle between the US Armed forces and the sci-fi end of the world element. The final must have is descriptive images of scenes from classic films. So I must chose classic films with themes that can assist in the storytelling.

After the actual writing (on my desktop and laptop computers) has begun I go back to the notebook to review my ideas. I draw a line through the ideas that have actually been included in the story. This tells me that I have used it (so as to not use it in a future book…I don’t want to be repetitive).

I return to the park with a printed out hard copy of the manuscript to go over it (with a red pen) and work out problems or corners I’ve written myself into. I also check for plot holes and do editing. I return to my desktop PC with the edited/revised hard copy of the manuscript and make the needed changes and edits. I go through this process at least 6 times before I deem the manuscript completed and acceptable.

The end result is an exciting engaging story that combines the action-adventure of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007, with the intrusive busy-body murder mystery detective work of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, plus the courtroom antics and classic literary visual style of Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason, and the descriptive  investigative techniques of Patricia Moyes’ Inspector Henry Tibbett all mixed with a dash of the X-Files to create a captivating suspenseful and twisted 21st century end of the world murder mystery that must be unraveled by the book’s protagonist the famed Washington DC gay attorney, Nikolas Thime.

I like to put on my headphones and listen to music while I write and I listen to everything, pop,  country, soul, rap, r&b, heavy metal, punk, disco/dance, jazz, classical, rock ‘n roll, vocalist, electronic, ska/reggae but my absolute favorite is Italo. This means that as I write I’m listening to (just to name a few) Modern Talking, Dick Haymes, Betty Everett, Lady Gaga, the Five Satins, Ganymede, Louis Prima, the Smiths, Gloria Gaynor, Def Leppard, the Flirts, Hank Williams, Ultravox, the Ink Spots, Technotronic and Wagner.

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