Friday, June 24, 2016

Shadow Angels by Richard R. Hall Book Tour Spotlight and Author Guest Post

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Seven thousand years ago, the Archangel Michael gave five humans the blood of the angels and five swords from heaven to counter the five Esmanaa demons and their ever-growing evil. 

These vampires have lived their long lives hidden in the shadows, fighting the Esmanaa, protecting humans and shielding them from the dark forces that occupy their world. And now they have a new defender in their corner---but will it be enough to avoid the terrible tragedy that awaits them all? 

Travel through the centuries with the Bryce family of vampires---from their creation to the final battle---in Shadow Angels, a deliciously different take on the traditional vampire tale.


Most of my working life was spent in the engineering field setting up quality assurance programs for industry. While working the grind I raised two fine human beings and now own a floral shop in Albany, New York. 

A few years ago, I decided to write that first book and wrote a book on my favorite subject---vampires. Shadow Angels was born in my imagination while paddling a kayak on a mountain lake. 

Work and raising children kept me from writing that first book, but eventually in life things quiet down, and I finally found the time to put into writing a book. I have always enjoyed writing and over the years wrote a few short stories.

Always a fan of old horror, such as Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man, but my favorite was vampires. Currently I am finishing the final draft of Rise of the Queen and preparing to enter the edit phase of the book. You can visit my website.


When I was writing Shadow Angels, I spent considerable time thinking about and developing my characters while trying to keep their backstory to a minimum. One of the characters is Anne Bryce or as she was known by her human name, Anwen Eiren. Anne came from fourth century Britain at a time the Romans were abandoning the isle and making an orderly retreat back across the channel. Anne is not the protagonist of the story but she is very important to the story. 

Anne starts the story of Shadow Angels when the Archangel Michael sends an ancient vampire to turn her. Anne was a young, beautiful girl that was profoundly affected by the harshness of her age and the brutality of it. The rapes of the Roman soldiers turned her against men, made her seek pleasure from women and made her take a terrible toll on men when she was a young vampire.

The immensity of her life span allowed her to forgive and come to terms with her early life and anger. Allowed her to realize it was the age she lived in as a mortal. She became a very powerful creature and led the Bryce vampire family. Anne had four changelings through her long life, Renee who came from the pauper streets of twelfth century Paris, a cunning and intense woman. Marilyn was second with a relaxed and casual way to approach life then came Shawn and last sweet Juliette. 

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