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Blake Gardner Character Interview with Owen - Inhuman Emergence: Innocence Main Character

“Inhuman Emergence: Innocence” by Blake Gardner Character Interview with Main Character, Owen

"Owen is the main character in Inhuman Emergence: Innocence. Without much introduction, I’m going to get started. This interview took place after the first book, and before the next,” Blake Gardner, Author

Q: Good evening Mr. Johnson, or do you prefer Owen? Let me just start by asking about what happened. How do you suppose you came to be in this place?

A: Owen is fine. I think you know how this happened. But, I’m just going to assume you’re an idiot and no one has told you about this project. It all began when I took that pill. You know the one. You probably also know why I was so surprised the next day. I thought I was going crazy at first. I guess you might be wondering why I took it?  I still am.

Q: You’re unhappy with the results?

A: Not exactly. These gifts are useful, occasionally. Right now, I know you’re thinking of how fat your wife has gotten and how you might leave her for that cute lab assistant. It’s not that I know your wife or the lab assistant but I know you won’t do it. Also, the lab assistant doesn’t feel that way about you. (Long pause followed by a chuckle) Why the long face Ron?

Q: I didn’t state my name. And that’s not necessary; you only need to answer the questions directly. What can you tell me about the other people that were there that night? The night you took the pill, I mean.

A: I had never met most of them before. Why do you ask? They aren’t here are they? That just means they’re back home. And they took the same pill I did. Are you worried that they could be causing trouble? They may have the same….abilities. Well, I can say this of them - most of them looked like they could have used a good shower, or two.

Q: Yes, we did try to recruit them as we did you. Most of them were ….unfit. But you, however, work out nicely as an operative. Have you had any fun working for us?

A: Oh my, yes, I always enjoy being locked away a mile underground. The interrogation is fun too.

Q: You have been given charge of your own team now is that correct? Would you say that it’s a responsibility you can handle? You’re very young.

A: I can handle it. It’s a team of five, not an army. It’s nothing any other kid around my age hasn’t done during times of war.

Q: You’re confident. But there were some mishaps on your first mission. What could you have done differently?

A: You’re asking me that? There’s nothing I could have done differently. I didn’t toss that grenade, and if he hadn’t, things could have gone worse. You can’t plan everything out. However, no matter how many contingencies you plan for it will never be enough. There will be more. I know that because I know that there is no set future. Limitless possibilities of different outcomes can arise from something as simple as your trip to work this morning. Sometimes I can guess which one it is, but not always. No one is perfect and a mission as complicated as that — you can’t know what will come of it. Our time is up Ron it was nice to talk with you but I can’t sit here and waste anymore of my time.

Q: I was told someone would come get you when they are ready. How do you know when they will get here?

A: They’re on their way. They should be here right about now. (An older balding man in a lab coat enters the room and escorts Owen out)

- End of Interview -


Blake Gardner is a debut author from Michigan. He has always had a love of reading. Writing interested him from a young age. 

For a short period, Blake found himself without a driver’s license and decided to write a book with all his spare time. “You can think of a great number of imaginative things while waiting,” Blake says. 

He loves sharing his work with readers. Blake encourages readers to connect with him via his website, and on Twitter and Facebook.

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