Monday, November 30, 2015

Inhuman Emergence: Innocence by Blake Gardner Virtual Book Tour

        Paperback: 188 pages
        Publisher: Digistyle (August 21, 2015)
        Language: English
        ISBN-10: 1939289688
        ISBN-13: 978-1939289681


Before taking the drug Owen was just a normal kid. Now he could read minds, predict the future, and do things he didn’t have the vocabulary to describe. But that seemed to be just what he needed. His world is a dangerous place. An oppressive governmental regime is threatening to imprison the country and has been gaining power in secret for decades. Owen and his friends may have to grow up too soon if they wish fight for their freedom. Love can be a powerful motive. Owen would have done anything for her. Why did it have to be everything?


"Why I Wrote the Book (in 48 words or less)" by Author Blake Gardner 

I have always fantasized about things, most days I exist in a state of conscious dreaming. One day I began a fantasy that didn’t stop. I awoke to find it still there playing out in my head. So I sat down at a keyboard and began to type…


Blake Gardner is a debut author from Michigan. He has always had a love of reading. Writing interested him from a young age. For a short period, Blake found himself without a driver’s license and decided to write a book with all his spare time. “You can think of a great number of imaginative things while waiting,” Blake says.

Blake loves sharing his work with readers. He encourages readers to connect with him via his website, and on Twitter and Facebook.

*Media Kit prepared by Susan Barton, My Book Tour


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