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A New World by Rich Douglas Tour Stop and Guest Post

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  • Publication Date: October 25, 2015
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Janice FreeCut is back, in an entirely new world: Earth. She is home, yet there is one problem. She is a vampire, a living, breathing vampire. How can she possibly survive on Earth? Meanwhile TriFang is on the hunt for human blood, and they are ready to take Janice back with her, along with her hometown of innocent humans. Can Janice and her fellow humans survive? Meanwhile, the love of her life, Brett BloodCut, goes to Earth with Janice, ready to spice up the romance. Enjoy the exciting thriller, Book 2 of the Vampire World Series, by Rich Douglas.



Rich Douglas is from New Orleans, Louisiana where he has lived the majority of his life. He loves reading, writing, storm-chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda while he writes young adult fiction, urban fantasy and science fiction. 



"A New World" takes place directly after the cliffhanger of "Vampire World" left off.

Janice FreeCut, a human turned vampire, has just grown accustomed to drinking blood and living her life on the strange new planet of Vampire World. Now she must go to Earth and attempt to save the planet from an alien invasion of bloodthirsty vampires.

Rapidly, she will soon discover that her life on Earth will never be the same, because she is a vampire. In other words her beloved high school life of popularity and prestige is gone and she has certainly grown-up!

"A New World" is intended to be a thriller with romance, of course, because her boyfriend, Brett BloodCut has returned. However, a love triangle develops because of a new character named Jeff, a towering, 6'6 chump vampire with an attitude. 

"A New World" is not just about vampire slaying. It’s about growing up and leaving the comfortable past behind. It’s about adjusting to the challenges that life throws at you and being strong enough to accept those challenges without backing down in fear.

I hope you all enjoy this thriller!

--Rich Douglas, Author

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